About black diamond farm

Our founder has had a passion since childhood to save native plants and their habitats. She planned to help save the Amazon Rainforest when she grew up, but realized there was a need in her own backyard to save native plants and habitats from extinction.

She fulfilled this life long dream when she found a diamond in the rough along the Trinity River Valley abundant in native Blackland Prairie wildflowers, grasses, and trees, naming it Black Diamond Farm.

Focused on sustainable agriculture through the use of native grasses, flowers, and trees our goal is to encourage regrowth of these native plants in landscapes throughout North Texas.

The use of these native flowers in place of commercial flora for landscaping encourages the growth and regeneration of Blackland Prairie flora and their habitats. Our native pollinators such as the Monarch butterfly and Bumble Bee need these sources of food in order to survive, and continue to help pollinate our food supply to feed generations to come.